DECEMBER 25, 2023



Aarons: Hell to Eternity
Abbott: Scimitar
Abell (ed): American Accent
Ackworth: Dr. Kildare – Assigned to Trouble
Adams, C: The Colonel's Lady
Adams, JQ: Lectures on Rhetoric and Oratory (2 volumes)
Adkins: Pecos Blood
Alden: The Mystery of Elias G. Roebuck
Aldiss: Barefoot in the Head
-- The Book of Brian Aldiss
Allingham: Black'erchief Dick
-- The Fashion in Shrouds
-- The White Cottage Mystery
Anonymous_ed: Creepy Stories
-- Escape Stories
-- New Tales of Horror
-- Tropical Passions
Appleton: Don Sturdy Across the North Pole
Archer: The Life, Trial, and Death of Francisco Ferrer
Ardrey: African Genesis
Ariosto: Orlando Furioso I: The Ring of Angelica
Asimov: The Norby Chronicles
-- Norby Down to Earth
-- Norby Thriugh Time and Space
Asimov (ed): The Science Fictional Solar System
-- Isaac Asimov's Wonderful World of Science Fiction (2 volumes)
-- The Mammoth Book of Fantastic Science Fiction
-- The Mammoth Book of New World Science Fiction
-- The Mammoth Book of Vintage Science Fiction
-- The Seven Deadly Sins of Science Fiction
Asquith_ed: The Black Cap
-- Sails of Gold
-- The Treasure Ship
Avery: The Expendables #2
Baantjer: DeKok and the Dancing Death
-- DeKok and the Murder Seance
-- DeKok and the Naked Lady
Baker: One Touch of Blood
Ball: The Space Guardians
Banister: Conquest of Earth
Barrett: Sun In Their Eyes
Bayley: The Grand Wheel
-- Star Winds
Bear: Beyond Heaven's River
-- Eternity
-- The Wind from a Burning Woman
Bellow: Mr. Sammler's Planet
Bennett (ed): Great Tales of Action and Adventure
Bierce: Can Such Things Be?
Blackwood: John Silence, Physician Extraordinary
Bloch: Dragons and Nightmares
Boucher_ed: The Pocket Book of TRue Crime Stories
Boulle: Time Out of Mind
Bourget: Crime D'Amour
Bova: As On a Darkling Plain
-- Colony
-- Orion
-- Privateers
-- Voyagers
Bower: Cabin Fever
Boyd: Sex and the High Command
Brand: Tragedy Trail
Bretnor (ed): The Future At War v1: Thor's Hammer
Brown, F: Madball
Brown, R: The Waters of Centaurus
Buchan: The Gap in the Curtain
Buchanan: The Moment After
Burgess, A: A Clockwork Orange
-- Terror of Intent
Burgess, T: Adventures of Paddy the Beaver
Burke: Night-Pieces
-- A Teashop in Limehouse
Burroughs: Tarzan and the City of Gold
-- Tarzan and the Lion Man
Burton, M: The Hardway Diamonds Mystery
Burton, R: Arabian Nights Entertainments (10 volumes)
Cahagnet: The Celestial Telegraph
-- Magnetic Magic
-- The Sanctuary of Spiritualism
Caidin: Dark Messiah
Campbell: The Incredible Planet
-- The Space BeyondCamus: The Fall
-- The PLague
Canaway: The Ring-Givers
Canning: The Minerva Club
-- Young Man on a Bicycle
Carter: The Gods of Neol-Shendis
-- Imaginary Worlds
Carter_ed: Discoveries in Fantasy
-- Double Phoenix
-- Great Short Novels of Adult Fantasy (2 volumes)
-- Realms of Wizardry
-- The Spawn of Cthulhu
Castaneda: A Separate Reality
-- The Teachings of Don Juan
Cayce: Edgar Cayce on Atlantis
Chalker: Medusa
-- The Shadow Dancers
Chambers: The Rake and the Hussy
Chandler: The Way Back
Charbonneau: Corpus Earthling
-- Intruder
-- The Sentinel Stars
Charteris_ed: The Saint Mystery Library #2
Chesterton: Daylight and Nightmare
Christie: Curtain
-- Easy to Kill
-- The Mirror Crack'd
Clark: Pretend You Don't See Her
Clarke/Lee: Cradle
Clarke/Pohl: The Last Theorem
Clarke (ed): Time Probe
Claudy: Pirates By Force
Clavell: King Rat
-- Shogun
Clayton: The Nowhere Hunt
Clifton: Eight Keys to Eden
Clou: Golden Blade
Clune: Wild Colonial Boys
Coburn: Riders of Fortune
Cohen: The Corpse That Walked
Collier: Pictures in the Fire
Coney: The Hero of Downways
Conklin_ed: Science Fiction Special 9
-- The New Republic Anthology
-- Omnibus of Science Fiction
-- Possible Tomorrows
-- Science Fiction Oddities
-- The Smart Set Anthology
Cooper,E: Seed of Light
Cooper,J: The Last of the Mohicans
Cowper: The Custodians
-- A Dream of Kinship
-- The Magic Spectacles
-- Out There Where the Big Ships Go
-- The Road to Corlay
-- Shades of Darkness
-- The Tapestry of Time
-- The Twillight of Briareus
-- Worlds Apart
Crighton: The Andromeda Strain
-- Congo
-- Rising Sun
-- Sphere
-- The Terminal Man
Cushman: The Return of Camanche John
Dahl: Kiss Kiss
Darrell: The Haunted Looking-Glass
de Camp: Conan and the Spider God
-- The Purple Pterodactyls
-- Solomon's Stone
-- Wall of Serpents
Davidson: The Island Under the Earth
-- The Phoenix and the Mirror
de Goncourt: Germine
del Rey: Pstalemate
Derleth (ed): Beachheads in Space
-- Beyond Time and Space
-- Fire and Sleet and Candlelight
-- The Other Side of the Moon
-- Over the Edge
Dick: The Cosmic Puppets
-- The Dark Haired Girl
-- Do Androids Dtream of Electric Sheep
-- The Ganymede Takeover
-- The Golden Man
-- The Harriers 1: Of War and Honor
-- The Preserving Machine
-- Selected Letters (6 volumes)
-- The Unteleported Man
Dick/Zelazny: Deus Irae
Dickinson: The Blue Hawk
Dickson: The Chantry Guild
-- Dorsai
-- The Dorsai Companion
-- The Far Call
-- The Final Encyclopedia
-- Forward
-- Other
-- The R-Master
-- Sleepwalker's World
-- The Star Road
-- Tactics of Mistake
-- Young Bleys
Dickson (ed): Combat SF
Dikty (ed): Best SF Stories & Novels, 9th Series
Doyle: Dreamland and Ghostland (3 volumes)
Dozois: Slow Dancing Through Time
Dunsany: At the Edge of the World
-- Over the Hills and Far Away
Drury: Decision
-- Pentagon
-- Preserve and Protect
-- The ERoads of Earth
Eddison: A Fish Dinner in Memison
-- The Mezentian Gate
-- Mistress of Mistresses
-- The Worm Ouroboros
Effinger: Heroics
-- The Wolves of Memory
Elgin: Communipath Worlds
-- Furthest
-- Native Tongue
-- Native Tongue 2: The Judas Rose
-- Native Tongue 3: Earthsong
Elwood_ed: And Walk Now Gently Through the Fire
-- Future Corruption
Etchison (ed) - Cutting Edge
Farmer: Behind the Walls of Terra
-- The Lavalite World
-- Riders of the Purple Wage
Findley: Counterfeit Corpse
Fischer: More Deaths than One
-- The Silent Dust
Fleming: Doctor No
-- From Russia With Love
-- The Spy Who Loved Me
-- You Only Live Twice
Floren: Guns of Montana
-- The Saddle Wolves
Flynn: Beam Ends
Foley_ed: Best American Short Stories 1947
Ford: The Princes of the Air
Foulkner: As I Lay Dying
Francis: Bolt
-- Comeback
-- Proof
-- Twice Shy
Franke: The Orchid Cage
Franklin: Knowledge Park
Friedberg: The Revolving Boy
Friel: The Thunderbird
Fuller: I Seem to Be a Verb
Gaddis: Farmer's Woman
Gallagher: The Alien Dark
Gallun: Best Of
-- Bioblast
Gant: Never Say No to a Killer
Garcia: Tough Trip Through Paradise
Gardner: Icebreaker
Garrett: Too Many Magicians
Goulart: After Things Fell Apart
-- When the Waker Sleeps
Grahame: The Wind in the Willows
Greenberg (ed): Writers of the 21st Century: Arthur C. Clarke
Grey: 30,000 On the Hoof
-- The Call of the Canyon
-- The Light of Western Stars
Hailey: Runaway Zero-Eight
Haining (ed): The Future Makers
Haggard: Leslie's Fate & Hilda
Hamilton: Battle for the Stars
-- The Haunted Stars
-- The Star of Life
Hammett: Nightmare Town
-- The Thin Man
Harrison: To the Stars
-- West of Eden
-- Winter in Eden
Harrison (ed): Author's Chice #1, 3, 4
Hawthorne,J (ed): The Lock and Key Library (8 of 10 volumes)
Hawthorne,N: The Scarlet Letter
Haycox: Deep West
Heller: Catch-22
Herbert: Children of Dune
-- The Dosadi Experiment
-- Dune Messiah
-- The Eyes of Heisenberg
-- God Emperor of Dune
-- The Godmakers
-- The Green Brain
-- Helstrom's Hive
-- The Santaroga Barrier
-- Under Pressure
-- Whipping Star
Hilton: The Passionate Year
Hodgson: The Night Land (2 volumes)
Holberg: A Journey to the World Under-Ground
Howard: Conan
-- Conan of Cimmeria
-- Conan the Avenger
-- Conan the Buccaneer
-- Conan the Wanderer
Ing: Pulling Through
Innes: The Trojan Horse
Jakes: The Asylum World
-- Mask of Chaos
-- The Seekers
-- Six-Gun Planet
Janifer: Knave and the Game
-- Target Terra
-- The Wonder War
Jacobi: Revelations in Black
Kamin: The Herod Men
Keene: Guns Along the Brazos
Kersh: Clean, Bright and Slightly Oiled
-- I Got References
-- More than Once Upon a Time
Keyes: The Asylum Prophecies
-- The Fifth Sally
-- The Minds of Billy Milligan
-- The Touch
-- Unveiling Claudia
Keyhoe: Aliens from Space
Knight (ed): 100 Years of SF
-- The Metal Smile
Kornbluth (ed): Science Fiction Showcase
Kuttner/Moore: No Boundaries
Lafferty: Alaric
-- Archipelago
-- Episodes of the Argo
-- Four Stories
-- Funnyfingers and Cabrito
-- Golden Gate and Other Stories
-- The Reefs of Space
-- Strange Skies
Lamb: The Sea of Ravens
L'Amour: Borden Chantry
-- Bowdrie's Law
-- Crossfire Trail
-- Down the Long Hills
-- Dutchman's Flat
-- Haunted Mesa
-- Last of the Breed
-- Long Ride Home
-- Reilly's Luck
-- Sitka
Long: The Horror Expert
-- Mating Center
-- Woman from Another Planet
Marx: The Communist Manifesto
Mason: Himalayan Assignment
Merritt: The Moon Pool
Michener: The Bridge at Andou
-- The Drifters
-- Journey
-- Legacy
-- Mexico
-- The Novel
-- Poland
-- Return to Paradise
-- Sayonara
Monroe (ed): The New Poetry
Munn: The Lost Legion
Murry: The Golden Valley
-- Private View
-- Reccolections of a Ghost
-- Shadows on the Grass
North: Sargasso of Space
Nourse: The Bladerunner
Oliver: Another Kind
-- Shadows in the Sun
Panshin: Rite of Passage
-- Star Well
Parsons, L_ed: The Life of Albert R. Parsons
Peattie: A Book of Hours
Petaja: Doom of the Green Planet
-- The Path Beyond the Stars
Piper: Fuzzies and Other People
Pischeria: Mister Justice
Plimpton: Out of My League
Pocock: The Chariot of the Sun
Poe: Ten Great Mysteries
Pohl: Beyond the Blue Event Horizon
-- Black Star Rising
-- Farthest Star
-- Heechee Rendezvous
-- Jem
-- Midas World
-- Mining the Oort
-- Narabedla Ltd.
-- Undersea City
-- Undersea Fleet
-- Wall Around a Star
-- ed: The Great SF Series
-- ed: The SFWA Grand Masters (3 volumes)
Pollock: Jupiter Eight
-- Wilderness Honey
Porter: The Battle of the 1,000 Slain
Potter: Peter Rabbit
-- Tales
Pournelle: Escape from the Planet of the Apes
-- High Justice
-- Janissaries
-- King David's Spaceship
-- The Mercenary
-- Prince of Mercenaries
-- A Spaceship for the King
-- West of Honor
Pournelle_ed: War World 3: Sauron Dominion
Pratt: The Blue Star
Pringle: The Life and Times of William Howard Taft (2 volumes)
Reamy: Blind Voices
Reaves: Darkworld Detective
Resnick: Redbeard
Reynolds: Galactic Medal of Honor
Richards_ed: 2nd Penguin Book of Sea Stories
Richmond,R: Crusade on the Chisolm
-- Death Rides the Dondrino
-- Hell on a Holiday
-- Legacy of a Gunfighter
-- Maverick Heritage
-- Mojave Guns
-- The Wild Breed
Richmond,W: Challenge the Hellmaker
-- Siva
Riddell: The Banshee's Warning
Riley: The Flying Islands of the Night
Roark: The Lady and the Deep Blue Sea
Roberts: The Passing of the Dragons
-- Pavane
Robertson: Getley's Gold
-- The Pride of Pine Creek
Robeson: The Dagger in the Sky
Robinson: A Life in the Day of...
-- Through My Glasses Darkly
Roosevelt, E: The White House Pantry Murder
Roosevelt, F: Looking Forward
Roshwald: Level 7
Russ: And Chaos Died
Russell, EF: The Best Of
-- The Great Explosion
Sabatini: Stories of Love and Adventure
Saberhagen: Berserker
-- Berserker Base
-- Berserker Man
-- The Berserker Throne
-- The Berserker Wars
-- Berserker's Planet
-- Berserkers: The Beginning
-- The Book of Saberhagen
-- A Century of Progress
-- The Golden People
-- Specimens
-- The Water of Thought
Sagan: The Dragons of Eden
Sargent: Cruise Nurse
Sayers (ed): Great Short Stories of Detection, Mystery and Horror, 3rd Series
Schenk: Steam Bird
Schmidt: Kensho
Schmitz: The Demon Breed
-- The Witches of Karres
Scrymsour: The Perfect World
Server: Danger Is My Business
Seuss: Bartholomew and the Oobleck
-- Dr. Seuss's Sleep Book
-- The Five Hundred Hats
-- Fox in Socks
-- Green Eggs and Ham
-- Horton Hears a Who
-- I Am Not Going to Get Up Today
-- Oh Say Can You Say
-- Yertle the Turtle
Shaw: The Palace of Eternity
-- Shadow of Heaven
-- The Two-Timers
Shea: In Yana, The Touch of Undying
Sheckley: Live Gold
-- Notions Unlimited
-- Pilgrimage to Earth
-- _ed: After the Fall
Shellabarger: The King's Cavalier
Shelley: Frankenstein
Shepard: Dagger Key and Other Stories
-- Green Eyes
-- Weapons of Mass Seduction
Sherman: Tahara, Boy King of the Desert
Shiel: How the Old Woman Got Home
-- The Invisible Voices
-- The New King
-- Shapes in the Fire
-- The Yellow Peril
Shirer: The Collapse of the Third Republic
-- The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich
Sidney: The Five Little Peppers
Simak: All Flesh is Grass
-- Best Science Fiction Stories
-- Catface
-- Cemetery World
-- A Choice of Gods
-- City
-- Cosmic Engineers
-- Destiny Doll
-- Enchanted Pilgrimage
-- The Fellowship of the Talisman
-- The Goblin Reservation
-- A Heritage of Stars
-- Highway of Eternity
-- Mastadonia
-- Our Children's Children
-- Out of Their Minds
-- Project Pope
-- Shakespeare's Planet
-- So Bright the Vision
-- Special Deliverance
-- Strangers in the Universe
-- They Walked Like Men
-- The Trouble with Tycho
-- Time and Again
-- The Visitors
-- Way Station
-- The Werewolf Principle
-- Where the Evil Dwells
Skinner: Beyond Freedom and Dignity
Sladek: Love Among the Xoids
-- Mechasm
Smith, C: The Instrumentality of Mankind
Smith, CA: Out of Space and Time
Smith, G: Hellflower
-- Venus Equilateral
Smith, L: Lando Calrissian and the Starcave of ThronBoka
Smith, R: Rebecca's Mother Patricia
Solzhenitsyn: Détente
Stewart: Earth Abides
Stross: Accelerando
Sullivan: Deadly Like a .45
Susann: Every Night
-- Yargo
Teilhet: The Fear Makers
Thompson: The Killing of Hallie James
Tolkein: The Silmarillion
-- Smith of Wootton Major & Farmer Giles of Ham
Treat (ed): Murder in Mind
Tregaskis: China Bomb
Trimble: The City Machine
-- The Smell of Trouble
-- Stab in the Dark
-- West to the Pecos
Tubb: Lallia
Tucker: The Lincoln Hunters
Tuska (ed): Western Stories
Tuttle: The Morgan Trail
Twain: A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court
-- A Double Barreled Detective Story
-- Eve's Diary
-- Letters from the Earth
-- The Mysterious Stranger
Tweedale: Unsolved Mysteries
Underbrink: Destination Corregidor
Van Vogt: The Anarchistic Colossus
-- Cosmic Encounter
-- Rogue Ship
-- Slan
-- The Violent Man
-- The Voyage of the Space Beagle
-- The Worlds of A. E. Van Vogt
Vesser - Hellwalker
Vonnegut: God Bless You Mr. Rosewater
Wagenknecht (ed): The Fireside Book of Ghost Stories
Wakefield: Stories from The Clock Strikes 12
Waldo: The Ban of the Gubbe
Walker: Fall Out Laughing, Beetle Bailey
Wallace: Z-Sting
Wallis: Legend of Lost Earth
Warner,D: The Sacred Warriors
Warner,G: Surprise Island
Waugh: The Comics
Wayman: World of the Sleeper
Wellman: The Lost and the Lurking
-- The Third Cry to Legba
Wells,L: Savage Range
Wertham: Secuction of the Inocent
West: Crossfire at Barbed M
-- Don't Cross My Line
-- Showdown at Serano
-- Slick on the Draw
Westland: Long Loop Raiders
White,B: The First 3 Years of Life
White,EB: Charlotte's Web
White,EL: The Eternal Journey
White,J: The Secret Visitors
-- Second Ending
Whittington: So Dead My Love
Wilhelm: The Infinity Box
-- Let the Fire Fall
Willeford: Grimhaven
Williamson,J: The Girl from Mars
-- Seetee Ship
Williamson,JN: Horror House
-- _ed: Masques
Williamson,T: The Gladiator
Willoughby: Mystery of the Lobster Theives
Wilson,P: The Broadsheets of Ontological Anarchism
-- Escape from the 19th Century and Other Essays
Wilson,R: The Girls from Planet 5
Wobig: The Youth Monopoly
Wodehouse: The Code of the Woosters
-- Quick Service
Wolfe: The Fifth Head of Cerberus
Wollheim: The Secret of Saturn's Rings
Woodcott: The Psionic Menace
Woolfolk: The Sendai
Wren: House of the Wolf
Wright,H: The Mine with the Iron Door
Wright,S: The Throne of Saturn
Wyndham: The Day of the Triffids
-- The Seeds of Time
Wynne: Wolf Pack
Yerby: The Vixens
Young: The Devil's Passport
York: The Expurgator
Zacherle (ed): Zacherley's Vulture Stew
Zelazny: Creatures of Light and Darkness
-- Eye of Cat
-- Isle of the Dead
-- Lord of Light
-- Madwand
-- Nine Princes in Amber
-- To Die in Italbar
-- Unicorn Variations



Anderson - Shield
Asimov - The Asimov Chronicles, Vol. 6
- The Best Mysteries
- The Best Of
- Buy Jupiter
- The Caves of Steel
- The Currents of Space
- David Starr, Space Ranger
- The Early Asimov Book 1 / Book 2
- Earth is Room Enough
- The Edge of Tomorrow
- Eight Stories from The Rest of the Robots
- The Exploding Suns
- Fantastic Voyage
- Fantastic Voyage II: Destination Brain
- Forward the Foundation
- Foundation and Earth
- The Gods Themselves
- Gold
- Lucky Starr and the Pirates of the Asteroids
- Lucky Starr and the Rings of Saturn
- The Martian Way
- The Naked Sun
- Nemesis
- Nightfall
- Prelude to Foundation
- Robots and Empire
- The Robots of Dawn
- The Solar System and Back
- The Stars, Like Dust
- The Tyrannosaurus Prescription
- The Winds of Change
Bester - The Demolished Man
Bradley - Star of Danger
- Thendara House
Brackett - The Long Tomorrow
Bradbury - Dandelion Wine
- Dinosaur Tales
- The Golden Apples of the Sun
- Long After Midnight
- The Martian Chronicles
- Something Wicked This Way Comes
- The Vintage Bradbury
Brunner - The Shockwave Rider
- Time-Jump
- The Traveler in Black
Burroughs - A Fighting Man of Mars
- Tarzan and the Lion Man
- Tarzan and the Lost Empire
- Tarzan at the Earth's Core
- Tarzan the Invincible
Carter - Lankar of Callisto
- A Look Behind the Lord of the Rings
Carter_ed - The Young Magicians
Clarke - 2001: A Space Odyssey
- 2010: Odyssey Two
- 2061: Odyssey Three
- 3001: The Final Odyssey
- Against the Fall of Night
- Childhood's End
- The City and the Stars
- Earthlight
- Expedition to Earth
- The Fountains of Paradise
- Imperial Earth
- The Lions of Comarre
- The Lost Worlds of 2001
- Reach For Tomorrow
- Rendezvous with Rama
- The Sentinel
Cummings - Tama, Princess of Mercury
Cushman - Jungle She
- The Long Riders
- The Ripper From Rawhide
Ellison - All the Lies that Are My Life
- Memos from Pergatory
- Paingod and Other Delusions
- Partners in Wonder
- Spider Kiss
- Stalking the Nightmare
Gunn - The Joy Makers
- Tiger! Tiger!
Heinlein - 6 X H
- Beyond This Horizon
- A Heinlein Trio
- Assignment in Eternity
- The Day After Tomorrow
- The Door Into Summer
- Expanded Universe
- Glory Road
- The Green Hills of Earth
- Have Space Suit, Will Travel
- Job
- The Man Who Sold the Moon
- The Menace from Earth
- Methuselah's Children
- The Moon is a Harsh Mistress
- Orphans of the Sky
- The Past Through Tomorrow
- Podkayne of Mars
- The Puppet Masters
- Revolt in 2100
- The Rolling Stones
- Starship Troopers
- Stranger in a Strange Land
- Time Enough for Love
Hesse - Beneath the Wheel
- Demian
- Magister Ludi
- Narcissus and Goldmund
- Peter Camenzind
- Rosshalde
- Siddhartha
Huxley - Ape and Essence
- Eyeless in Gaza
- Time Must Have a Stop
Le Guin - The Dispossessed
- From Elfland to Poughkeepsie
- The Left Hand of Darkness
- Wild Angels
- A Wizard of Earthsea
Le Guin_ed - The Norton Book of Science Fiction
McCaffrey - Crystal Line
- Damia's Children
- Decision at Doona
- Dinosaur Planet Survivors
- Dragondrums
- Pegasus in Flight
- Restoree
- The Rowan
McCaffrey_ed - Alchemy and Academe
McGivern - The Seeing
Milne - The Christopher Robin Story Book
Norton - Horn Crown
- Quag Keep
- Spell of the Witch World
- The Jargoon Pard
- The Opal-Eyed Fan
- The Zero Stone
Pangborn - Good Neighbors and Other Strangers
- The Judgment of Eve
Rand - Anthem
Reich - The Sexual Revolution
Repp - Gun Hawk
Richmond - Crusade on the Chisolm
- Death Rides the Dondrino
- The Hard Men
- Hell on a Holiday
- Legacy of a Gunfighter
- Maverick Heritage
- Mojave Guns
- The Wild Breed
Rinehart - The Episode of the Wandering Knife
Sale - Murder at Midnight



Lilly - The Center of the Cyclone



Adams - Life the Universe and Everything
 - The Long Dark Tea-time of the Soul
 - So Long and Thanks for All the Fish

Bishop - The Altar of the Legion
Boucher_ed - A Treasury of Great Science Fiction (2 volumes)

Gernsback - Ralph 124C 41+
Smith - Children of the Lens
 - First Lensman
 - Galactic Patrol
 - Gray Lensman
 - Imperial Stars
 - Second Stage Lensman
 - Skylark DuQuesne
 - Skylark of Valeron
 - Skylark Three
 - Strangler's Moon
 - Triplanetary



Adams - The Last Days of Wolf Garnett
- Shorty
Addams - Monster Rally
Allingham - The Tiger in the Smoke
Anderson - Winners
Anonymous - The Chymical Wedding of Christian Rosenkreutz
- A Short Enquiry Concerning the Hermetic Art
Anstey - The Black Poodle
Appel - Hell's Kitchen
Asimov - In Memory Yet Green
- I, Asimov
- Lucky Starr and the Oceans of Venus
- Nine Tomorrows
- The Tyrannosaurus Prescription
Asimov_ed - The Hugo Winners Vol 2a
- The Hugo Winners Vol 2b
- The Hugo Winners Vol 5
- Nebula Award Stories 8
- The New Hugo Winners
Autry_ed - Gunsmoke Yarns
- Western Stories
Ballew - Sheriff Blood
Barbet - Baphomet's Meteor
- Cosmic Crusaders
Barjavel - Future Times Three
Barr - Split Worlds
Barrie - Peter and Wendy
Barrows_ed - A Bird's-Eye View of the Postwar World
Baum - Glinda of Oz
Bayley - The Fall of Chronopolis
Beaumont - Hellion's Heritage
Bell - The Magic of Numbers
Bellah - Ward 20
Bellamy - The Blindman's World
- Dr. Heidenhoff's Process
- Looking Backward
- Miss Ludington's Sister
Bensen_ed - The Unknown Five
Bester - The Dark Side of the Earth
- Star Light, Star Bright
Beverley-Giddings - River of Rogues
Biggle - The World Menders
Black - Instead of Work
Blackwood - The Extra Day
Blish_ed - Nebula Award Stories 5
Bogart - Murder Man
Boucher - Rocket to the Morgue
Bova_ed - Science Fiction Hall of Fame 2
Bower - The Quirt
Bradley - The Duel
Bradley_ed - Sword and Sorceress 4
Brand - Brothers on the Trail
- Valley Theives
Brennan - Scream at Midnight
Bristow - Sin Street
Brunner - Entry to Elsewhen
- Manshape
Bryant - Red Alert
Budrys - The Unexpected Dimension
Budrys_ed - Writers of the Future 5
- Writers of the Future 6
Bulmer - The Diamond Contessa
- The Hunters of Jundagai
Butler - Lords of Light
- Magic and the Magician
- Practical Magic
Cabell - The Certain Hour
- Gallantry
- The High Place
- The Jewel Merchants
- The Judging of Jurgen
- Poor Jack
Cady - Tattoo
Cahill_ed - Lamps on the Brow
Camp - The Abandoned Room
Campbell_ed - The Authentic Book of Space
Canning - Crime and Detection
- Italy and the Balkans
Carroll - Sylvie and Bruno
Carryl - The Admiral's Caravan
- Davy and the Goblin
Carter - Against All Gods
Carter_ed - The Year's Best Fantasy Stories 2
- The Year's Best Fantasy Stories 4
- The Year's Best Fantasy Stories 6
Castle - Satellite E One
Charles_ed - The Book of Enoch
Chase - Dead Ringer
Cody - Disaster Trail
- West of the Law
Cole - The Red Marauders
Collier - Defy the Foul Fiend
- The Devil and All
- An Epistle to a Friend
- Gemini
- Presenting Moonshine
Collingwood - Life and Letters of Lewis Carroll
Collodi - The Adventures of Pinocchio
Cowper - The Story of Pepita and Corindo
- The Young Student
Coxe - Eye Witness
Crofts - The Cask
Crowe - Ghosts and Family Legends
Crowley - The Argonauts
- Book 4 Part 2
- The Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram
- Liber 418: The Vision and the Voice
- Tannhäuser
Curtiss - The Gay Conspirators
Cushman - Fastest Gun
Davidson - Limekiller
Debs - Unionism and Socialism
Denisoff - The Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn
Derleth - Not Long For This World
Dick - The Book of Philip K. Dick
- Dr. Futurity
Dickens - Dr. Marigold's Prescriptions
- A Child's History of England
- The Cricket on the Hearth
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Disney - Crimson Friday
- Explosion
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- The Hangman's Tree
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Dozois_ed - Nebula Awards Showcase 2006
Drummond - The Occult Macrohistory of Aleister Crowley
Drury - The Passing of the Flagship
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Dwyer - The Spotted Panther
- The White Waterfall
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Edgley - The Angry Heart
Effinger - Those Gentle Voices
- What Entropy Means to Me
Ellison - Doomsman
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- Six Science Fiction Plays
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- Tumbleweeds
Faucette - The Age of Ruin
Fearn - Ghost World
- The Intelligence Gigantic
- Manton's World
- Standstill Planet
- Winged Pestilence
- World in Duplicate
Field - Midnight Round-Up
Firth - The Machinery of the Mind
Flamel - Hieroglyphical Figures of the Philosopoher's Stone
Fontenay - Rebels of the Red Planet
- Twice Upon a Time
Forrest - The Last Blue Sea
Fortune - Esoteric Philosophy of Love and Marriage
Fourier - The Theory of the Four Movements
- The Utopian Vision of Charles Fourier
Fox - Blood Trail
Friel - The Renegade
- The River of Seven Stars
Fuller - Operating Manual for Spaceship Earth
Fulton - Moccasin Trail
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Gallun - People Minus X
Garfield - Trail Drive
Gary - The Chicago Anarchists of 1886
Gardner - The Thread of Truth
Gault - Don't Cry For Me
Gemmell - The Diamond Sutra
Giesy - All For His Country
Gilgannon - Stopwatch on the World
Glasby - Project Jove
Gloag - First One and Twenty
Goulart - What's Become of Screwloose?
Grant_ed - Nightmares
Green - Conscience Interplanetary
Gresham - Houdini, The Man Who Walked Through Walls
- Limbo Tower
- Nightmare Alley
Gruber - The Hungry Dog Murders
- The Last Doorbell
- The Pulp Jungle
Gunn - The End of the Dreams
- The Listeners
- The Magicians
- This Fortress World
Gunn_ed - Nebula Award Stories 10
Haiblum - The Tsaddik of the Seven Wonders
Hailey - Flight into Danger
Hall - The Warsaw Document
Hankins - Rio Grande Kid
Hanshew - Cleek of Scotland Yard
- Cleek the Master Detective
- The Riddle of the Night
Hardin - The Oxbow Deed
Harris - The Witch Wolf
Healey_ed - Adventures in Time and Space
Heinlein - Beyond This Horizon
- A Heinlein Trio
- The Star Beast
Hendee - The Experiences and Opinions of George Washington from Spirit Life
- The Heavenly Spheres
Herbert - The Book of Frank Herbert
High - No Truce for Terra
- These Savage Futurians
Hill - Pity About Earth
Holt-White - The Earthquake
Homer - The Odyssey (Butler trans.)
Hoskins_ed - Infinity Five
Hubbard - Ole Doc Methuselah
Hudson - Captain Blood and the Beagles
Huffaker - Cowboy
- One Time, I Saw Morning Come Home
- Severn Ways from Sundown
Huxley - After Many a Summer
- Antic Hay
- The Art of Seeing
- Beyond The Mexique Bay
- Brave New World
- The Cicadas and Other Poems
- The Devils of Loudun
- An Encyclopedia of Pacifism
- Island
- Leda
- The Olive Tree
- On the Margin
- Proper Studies
Innes - Run by Night
Jakes - The Fortunes of Brak
- Tonight We Steal the Stars
Janifer - The Wagered World
Jepson - The House on the Mall
Johnson - Oceans 11
Jones, Langdon - The Eye of the Lens
Jones, Rufus - A Boy's Religion
Karney - The Knave of Diamonds
Keel - Our Haunted Planet
Keeler - The Amazing Web
- The Face of the Man from Saturn
- Murder in the Mills
Keene - The Big Kiss-off
- Mrs. Homicide
- My Flesh Is Sweet
- Strange Witness
Kersh - Men Without Bones
Knott - The Vengeance Seeker #1
Kramer - History Begins at Sumer
Kuttner - Kuttner Times Three
- Mutant
- The Startling Worlds
L'Amour - Mustang Man
- Treasure Mountain
Langelaan - Out of Time
Leary - Chaos and Cyber Culture
Leblanc - Arsène Lupin
- The Confessions of Arsène Lupin
- The Crystal Stopper
- The Golden Triangle
- The Hollow Needle
- The Teeth of the Tiger
Le Fanu - All in the Dark
- Haunted Lives
- The Rose and the Key
- The Tenants of Malory
Leiber - Ill Met in Lankhmar
- Ship of Shadows
Leonard - Be Cool
- The Hunted
- Last Stand at Saber River
- The Switch
- Valdez Is Coming
Levi - The Magical Ritual of the Sanctum Regnum
Lewis - Christian Behaviour
- The Four Loves
- The Problem of Pain
- The Screwtape Letters
- Spirits in Bondage
- That Hideous Strength
- Vivisection
Lockhart - Reilly: Ace of Spies
Lockridge - The Norths Meet Murder
London - Adventures of Captain David Grief
Lovecraft - The Call of Cthulhu
Lowell - Mars
Lupoff - Claremont Tales
- Countersolar
- The Emerald Cat Killer
- One Million Centuries
Machen - The Enchanted Treasure
- The Three Imposters
Mackenzie - The Red Tapeworm
Maddock - The Emerald Elephant Gambit
Manning - The Call of the Mech-Men
Mao Tse-tung - Quotations
Margulies_ed - Master Mystery Stories
- My Best SF Story
- Popular Book of Western Stories
- Selected Western Stories
Marsh - The Beetle
Marshall, E. - The Viking
Marshall, S.J. - The King of Kor
Martin - The Cassiodore Case
McBain - Cop Hater
McDonnell - Analysis and Assessment of Gateway Process
McGivern - Shield for Murder
Mead - Hermetica
Meinhold - The Amber Witch
- Sidonia the Sorceress
Meredith_ed - Bar 6 Roundup of Best Western Stories
Merritt - The Black Wheel
Michaelis - Looking Further Forward
Mitford - The Heath Hover Mystery
- The Sign of the Spider
Morgan - Inside
Moore - The Devil's Admiral
Muir - The Devil's Post Office
Murry - Fanny Campbell, the Female Pirate Captain
Nathan - The Barly Fields
Neill - A Domonie's Five
- A Dominie's Log
Neumann - Amor and Psyche
- Art and the Creative Unconscious
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- The Stars Are Ours
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- The Century's Best Horror Fiction 1
- The Century's Best Horror Fiction 2
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- Photoplay Edition
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- Tamontane
Philoren - Money Must Go
Piper - A Planet for Texans
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Pohl_ed - Jupiter
- Nebula Winners 14
Potter - Or Murder For Free
Procter - The Pub Crawler
Rackham - The Anything Tree
- The Beasts of Kohl
- Danger from Vega
- The Double Invaders
- The Proxima Project
- Time to Live
Ransome - The Elixir of Life
Ray - Buffalo Bill and the Heroes of the Plains
- Buffalo Bill the Scout
- The James Boys
Reamy - San Diego Lightfoot Sue
Regardie - The Bornless Ritual
- The Tree of Life
Rendell - Wolf to the Slaughter
Roan - The Rio Kid
Roark - Wake of the Red Witch
Roberts - Green Timber Thoroughbreds
Robinson - Encyclopardia Sexualis
- An Essay on Hasheesh
- The Life of Jacob Henle
- Pathfinders in Medicine
- Pioneers of Birth Control
- Poems
Rosencreeutz - The Hermetic Romance
Russell - The Frozen Pirate
Ryan_ed - Haunting Women
Saberhagen - The Broken Lands
Saha_ed - The Year's Best Fantasy Stories 9
- The Year's Best Fantasy Stories 10
- The Year's Best Fantasy Stories 13
Sale - Death at Sea
- The Oscar
Sarban - The Doll Maker
- Ringstones
- The Sound of His Horn
Service - The Spell of the Yukon
Shaara - Soldier Boy
Shaw - Orbitsville
Short_ed - They Lived By Their Guns
Sibold - Cynthia
Smith - The Audacious Adventures of Miles McConaughy
- The Doom Trail
Smith, E.E. - Masters of the Vortex
- Subspace Encounter
Solzhenitsyn - August 1914
- Cancer Ward
- Candle in the Wind
- For the Good of the Cause
- The Gulag Archipelago 1
- The Gulag Archipelago 2
- The Gulag Archipelago 3
- The Love-Girl and the Innocent
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- Stories and Prose Poems
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Stern_ed - Great Tales of Fantasy and Imagination
Atevenaon - Essays
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